Time for that sugar detox and stay that way knowing you can eat real flavorful food... foods Enclave likes to call, Adventurous Superfood. Lan Thai, chef and owner of Enclave, has come up with 3-days to a whole month's worth of meals that contain no added sugar. All foods are made from scratch with no artificial preservatives, organic ingredients, and mindfully crafted with ingredients with nutrient rich profiles.

And how does one get the most nutrient dense produce? From our local farmers of course! Growing up on a farm, Lan Thai understands the importance of supporting local food community from growing, cooking, and eating. All kale are not the same. The one that was harvested this morning from nutrient rich soils will be the ones most packed with nutrients that goes into your body. 

5-day Vitality NO SUGAR Food Makeover

5-day Vitality NO SUGAR Food Makeover

Some dishes are Wild Sockeye Miso Ginger Salmon over a bed of local harvested veggies, or Edible Flower and Herbs Endless Summer Rolls with Peanut Curry Sauce, or Roasted Cauliflower and Nut Vegan Tacos, or Ginger-Turmeric Organic Bone Broth. Drinks include locally made organic kombucha, almond chai milk, and herbal rose teas. Can you believe all this contains no added sugar? It's like having a personal chef with a side of motherly love where all she wants to do is take care of you and watch out for your health.

5-day packages worth of meals go for $58/day and lower to $50/day when committing yourself to a whole month worth of delicious, flavorful, and nutrient dense meals.

Enclave also provides different weekly packages and items à la carte. Please consult your doctor or nutritionist. Order by Friday to ensure delivery by Monday morning.


About the Chef

Lan Thai’s story begins in a refugee camp in Thailand, where she was born to parents fleeing the communist takeover of Vietnam. Growing and cooking food was not a luxury in her early life, but a precious necessity; she literally doesn’t remember learning to use a knife–it was as much a part of her developmental experience as learning to walk or speak. It’s difficult to overstate the fundamental role that food, its production, and its preparation played in her life, just as its difficult to overstate the visceral connection that she developed with cooking as a result. The potential of food and culinary tradition to sustain, connect, and lift up families and communities is a chief contributing factor in her view of cooking and eating. This deeply-layered perspective shines through in the cuisine she creates, which manages to be both grounded and elevated, an achievement born of a life lived through food.