One of the biggest problems in the food industry is that over 40 million tons of food is wasted every year which equates to about $218 billion dollars per year! Billions!!! I've witnessed myself from large restaurants, grocery stores, farms, to small mom and pop eateries.

Although we don't throw much away at Enclave, we are always striving for innovative and creative solutions to use sustainable practices and work towards being a zero-waste company! With the scraps that we do have leftover, we are experimenting with making dog food! All our ingredients are local and organic making it some of the healthiest options out there! They even have probiotics and bone broth which have proven to be really good for the gut and joints! Please email me if you want to try and we'll send to you for free!*


Another form of food waste is using parts of items that we would normally throw away. Thanks to Tommy the Fishmonger of Catalina Offshore, he showed me one of the tastiest parts of Opah (moonfish), the abductor, which is normally thrown away. It's a muscle that's also called the "tri-tip", and when grounded it can taste more like meat. Here we seared it and made delicious tacos with all the superfood fixings!