We are so happy to announce that we will be serving world renowned Chino Family Farm freshly harvested produce!  

I am building close relationships with the local farms here in San Diego. My passion is real and I am dedicated to providing the freshest quality ingredients while supporting our local community. This week, customers were super lucky to get amazing vegetables like kaleidoscope, sunchoke, brussels sprouts, mustards, edible flowers, and microgreens from the world famous CHINO FARMS!!! Woo-hoo! They are an amazing family with a fascinating history who stay true to their values. You can taste it in their produce and when you get vegetables this fresh, you are getting more nutrients in your body. You can read more about Chino Farms here as they were recently written up by Vice. Their farm stand known as The Vegetable Shop which is open Wednesday-Sunday in Rancho Santa Fe for the winter.


San Diegans are super lucky to have a very special farm here that is highly revered by many famous chefs and foodies from around the world. I've been lucky to meet the family myself and I can tell you they are everything and more that is written about them.

Just in the last few weeks, Chino Family Farm, was featured in KCRW and Vice Munchies in which you can get a very good idea of the family's rich history and challenges they endured. Their farm stand, better known as 'The Vegetable Shop' is open Wednesday -Sundays, in which you can indulge in their famous mara des bois strawberries and corn. But what is more amazing about this farm is the variety.

It's absolutely astounding to see all the different kinds of produce they grow. Out of the top of my head, I recall seeing sunchoke, parsnips, cucumbers, butternut squash, kaleidoscope, brussels sprouts, purple brussels sprouts, green mustard, purple mustard, mizuna, collard green, chard, kale, strawberries, edible flowers, microgreens, purple cauliflower, green cauliflower, sprouting cauliflower, tatsoi, bok choy, kai lan, kabocha pumpkin, fennel, oranges, kohlrabi, corn, eggplant, chilies, beets, broccoli, arugula, radicchio, frisee, endive, napa, elephant garlic, leeks... oh my the list goes on and on...

On visiting 'The Vegetable Shop', you will see me salivating and conjuring up ideas for new dishes. The Chino Family is a true inspiration not just for farmers, but for all people who hold integrity, passion, and work ethic of high value. Because of this, I am so happy to announce that I'll be incorporating Chino's fresh harvest into my new food business, Enclave, and future dinner events.